Goal A Goal B

Learners will be able to coordinate services with other professionals, laypersons, and community groups, consistent with an interprofessional and team-based approach to care.

Learner Objectives

  1. Identify and coordinate care with local community support groups or resources to support breastfeeding families
  2. Describe the roles of lactation support specialists and other members of the health care team in caring for breastfeeding mothers and infants
  3. Facilitate coordination of care follow-up visits for breastfeeding mothers and infants
  4. Identify the most common reasons to refer breastfeeding mothers and infants for expert assistance when needed

Start Here

Essential Activities

  1. Objective 1 Community Groups:
  2. Objective 2, 3, & 4 Members of the Healthcare Team & Coordinating Care:
    • Have learners complete this free, self-directed, three-hour course. This is an external course from Inspire Health and the University of Mississippi Medical Center.
    • Use this patient handout Action Plan, to list the names and numbers of health team members. Develop it to your own practice setting.
    • Have learners review the table on different provider roles in breastfeeding.
    • Compare the roles of Certified Lactation Counselors (CLC), International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), and other certifications in assisting physicians to provide breastfeeding care to families by reviewing this helpful chart [maybe just hyperlink chart?] The Physician's Role in Human Milk Feeding.
    • Utilize these clinical case studies to discuss an interprofessional, systems-based model of care approach.


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